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About Us

From humble beginnings

When you trap for nearly forty years like I have, you learn a few things along the trapping trail.  One thing I’ve learned is there’s no perfect way to trap canines, cats, or any predator for that matter.  Solid methods used on productive ground, mixed with grit and a get-it-done attitude are formulas proven to produce, but when you blend all that with lures and baits that stack up fur, that’s when it all comes together!

While I’m excited to offer fellow trappers my line of predator lures, I can promise you that the road I traveled to bring these lures to you was fairly long. Like perhaps many of you, at an early age I became fascinated in the many different aromas being offered to trappers, and I’m sure, like all of you, I found that some worked better than others.  While some trappers would say that all attractants work about the same, I didn’t find that to be the case.

Some lures outperformed every time I used them, so I started to investigate and experiment with a host of ingredients to find my own secret sauce. Since those humble beginnings many years ago, I’ve mixed and field tested countless formulas, using and keeping records on them as I worked as a full time trapper in my ADC business, and trapped several regions of our country alongside professional trappers (who bring their own secret sauces to compare with mine).  This is a heritage I’ve worked hard at and one I’m proud of, and one that ensures you get quality attractants you can count on all season long!

I personally formulate and bottle each batch, and those who know me best would tell you I’m a stickler for a job well done.  No shortcuts, nothing held back, only the best.  That’s actually why I named my lures, “Country Boy”!  Not only can a Country Boy survive, as the song says, this Country Boy is proud to be an American and trap in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.


Rusty Johnson

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